AI-powered text editor for writers.

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Orchard is a cutting-edge text editor that aims to boost the creativity and productivity of writers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), this innovative tool is designed to help writers think more deeply, revise more efficiently, and write with greater impact.
With Orchard, writers can leverage the AI to receive suggestions for making their paragraphs more concise. They can also engage in a virtual debate with the AI to get feedback on their persuasive essays. These features help writers to hone their skills and create compelling pieces of writing that resonates with their audience.
In addition, Orchard offers the convenience of real-time collaboration with friends, giving writers a platform to share their documents with the world. The app is currently in Beta, and developers can keep up with its progress on Discord and Twitter.
With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, Orchard is an invaluable tool for all writers who want to unlock their full creative potential and create impactful writing.
  • https://orchard.ink/?ref=spottheai
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