AI-powered chatbot for task assistance.

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Operand is an innovative tool powered by AI that can assist individuals with various tasks by leveraging its ability to access the internet, integrate with other apps used regularly, and retain past interactions. The primary function of Operand is as a chatbot, compatible with iMessage and allowing users to provide queries on a range of topics, from basic numerical calculations to personal preferences and contact information.
Operand can also be integrated with Notion Workspace through the Operand web dashboard to create a smart folder for syncing. With its advanced learning capabilities, Operand can support a variety of file types, including internet links. Students, researchers, and individuals seeking hands-free solutions for basic tasks can benefit significantly from this service.
Operand offers a free version with a limited number of messages per month, as well as a paid subscription with up to 3000 messages per month. The service continues to update and improve its functionality while maintaining a user-friendly interface. Operand offers a valuable solution for streamlining tasks and accessing information quickly and efficiently.
  • https://operand.ai/imessage?
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