Outlook plugin with AI-powered features.

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The Microsoft Outlook & OpenAI ChatGPT is a plugin developed by German company Gangl that integrates OpenAI's ChatGPT technology directly into Microsoft Outlook. This innovative tool brings natural language processing capabilities to email communication, giving users a range of features that aim to revolutionize the way they communicate via email.
The plugin's functions include automated email responses, grammar and spelling checking, pre-wording, translation, and email suggestion. These features save users time and personalize communication to their preferences. The easy-to-install plugin is customizable to suit individual needs, further enhancing user experience.
The grammar and spelling checker feature ensures that emails look professional and error-free, while the AI-powered ChatGPT technology helps users communicate more effectively and efficiently. The ChatGPT technology, developed by OpenAI, uses NLP to conduct human-like conversations and perform complex language processing tasks with ease.
OpenAI is an organization that aims to advance the development of friendly AI technologies that promote human benefits, and the ChatGPT technology is a testament to its commitment in achieving this goal. With the combination of Gangl's expertise and OpenAI's research achievements, the Microsoft Outlook & OpenAI ChatGPT plugin demonstrates the potential of AI in transforming email communication and increasing productivity.
  • https://en.gangl.de/product/openai-chatgpt-integration-fuer-microsoft-outlook.html?
Use Case
Outlook email writing