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AI-powered personalized nutrition guidance

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Description is an innovative AI-powered app that delivers personalized nutrition guidance, expert support, and educational resources to users. With its AI-powered chat feature, the app provides instant answers to nutrition-related queries, while catering to specific support areas such as weight loss, meal planning, and health and wellness, as well as diabetes management.
Furthermore, the app offers informative microblogs covering various nutrition topics, empowering users with the knowledge to make informed choices about their diet. With, users can also generate meal recipes customized to meet their unique nutritional needs and obtain expert advice from qualified nutritionists.
Accessible for free on both iOS and Android platforms, promises to be a go-to platform for personalized nutrition support. The app is currently in beta, and users can sign up for updates and access an array of informative blogs on nutrition-related subjects. is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking reliable and cost-effective nutrition guidance, as well as those seeking comprehensive support and educational resources to lead a healthy lifestyle.
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