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NFT Creator is a mobile application that enables users to create their own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with ease. The app offers several customization options, including the choice of static images or GIFs, selection of sizes and backgrounds, importing of personal images, utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for styling, along with text, filters, effects, and colors.
A major advantage of this app is the ability to store NFTs to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and issue them for free on testnet blockchains like Binance, CELO, or Matic, as well as on the Polygon mainnet. The app also contains a gallery to store created NFTs, and a search tool to locate NFTs via name or address.
The NFT data is saved on IPFS, and a content identifier (CID) is produced from the data, establishing an immutable link from the blockchain to the data. Besides being secure, the app does not share data with any third parties, and users can request to have their data deleted. The app's referral program enables users to save NFTs on IPFS free of charge, and the privacy policy and terms of service link is also included.
Overall, NFT Creator is a valuable tool that allows users to quickly and effortlessly create and store their own NFTs.
Use Case
NFT art