AI customer service tool for enterprises.

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Netomi's AI-powered customer service tool is revolutionizing the way enterprise-level businesses handle customer support. Unlike traditional chatbots, Netomi's platform aims to resolve up to 80% of routine customer queries automatically in real-time, freeing up support teams to focus on more complex tasks.
The offering includes conversational AI, email resolution, chat interface, and webforms, and can provide customer support in over 100 languages. With its deep conversational channel integration, Netomi's tool can seamlessly integrate with all communication software and back-end business systems.
One of the tool's flagship features is its unique customer intent model, which leverages deep learning technology to analyze historical context and current sentiment analysis for higher customer satisfaction rates. The AI system is versatile, operating in both autopilot and co-pilot modes, allowing it to act autonomously or as an assistive agent, streamlining workflows and enabling support teams to meet customer needs more efficiently.
Netomi's conversational AI-powered solution also offers omnichannel conversation capabilities, enabling customers to communicate through email, chat, messaging, voice, and SMS. With Netomi's advanced platform, businesses can deliver superior customer service while driving efficiency and cost savings.
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