Project management tool with AI integration.

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Naav is a project management tool that streamlines project management efficiency for organizations and teams. With a variety of features, Naav offers a customizable approach to task management. The Kanban board enables users to visualize workflow and track task progress, while the backlog feature provides a list view for easy task management. Additionally, the roadmap feature enables users to timeline and track dependencies for tasks, and custom dashboards allow users to track team progress in real-time.
Naav offers further customization through its sprint feature for manageable work periods, its release feature for delivery management, and the wiki feature for organizing a knowledge base. The custom board feature enables users to tailor their board with specific columns and workflows. Moreover, thanks to Naav's AI integration, tasks can be automatically organized, while the lightning-fast search feature enables fast location of specific tasks.
With Naav's permissions set by default, user access management is simple and efficient. Activity logs keep users updated on project changes, and Naav's mobile application ensures effortless task management on-the-go. The task modal view and filters allow users to customize their task view, while the comment feature enables team members to tag and communicate with ease.
Naav's overview page provides a comprehensive view of all project tasks, empowering users to make informed decisions based on real-time data. The modern and sleek design ensures ease of use for all users, regardless of their technical experience. Naav is suitable for every methodology.
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