My Pitch Deck

Custom pitch decks for startups.

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MY PITCH DECK is an innovative AI-powered tool that aims to simplify the process of creating pitch decks for startups. This tool utilizes an advanced AI algorithm to generate customized pitch deck templates composed of 10 slides. The user simply answers a few questions, and then the AI creates the pitch deck tailored specifically to their startup, delivering it in a PDF format within minutes.
What sets MY PITCH DECK apart from other similar tools is that it also provides 15 investor questions and 10 tips to guide the user in preparing for their pitch. This feature helps entrepreneurs and startup founders create a more effective and convincing presentation to investors.
MY PITCH DECK provides a curated overview of the most useful resources and tools available for startups. Although it does not guarantee a successful fundraising round or an immediate ROI, this tool can save time and inspire entrepreneurs to create a persuasive pitch deck for their business.
Based in The Netherlands, MY PITCH DECK is subject to Dutch law, and unfortunately, the tool does not offer any refunds or warranties. Nonetheless, its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge AI technology make it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking to attract funding and grow their startups.
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