AI music generator with gesture control.

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Musico is an AI-powered software engine that has revolutionized the music industry by generating unique, copyright-free music based on user input. Combining traditional and modern machine learning algorithms, this innovative tool can create music in a wide variety of styles, making it perfect for semi-assisted, fully automatic, and AI-assisted composition. Users can even control Musico in real-time using intuitive gestures through its Impro feature, which allows musicians and performers to create music effortlessly.
The engine is also capable of mapping and reacting in real-time to various control signals, enabling endless possibilities of interaction for users. With its potential use in digital storytelling and media, Musico also presents an enhanced soundtrack plugin that enhances the listening experience.
All these features are executed under dedicated human supervision to ensure consistent and valuable results. With its unique toolbox for music-makers, users can easily craft musical sketches or full songs with Musico’s innovative technology.
Use Case
Music creation