AI-powered motion capture software.

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Description is an advanced motion capture software powered by artificial intelligence that revolutionizes the way creators bring motion into digital environments. With its patented AI technology, can extract high-quality motion data from any video, enabling creators to easily capture movement and explore new possibilities in animation and self-expression. offers a reliable solution to expedite content creation in digital spaces, helping users unleash their creativity and express themselves more freely. Not only does it empower creators to seamlessly transition between physical and virtual worlds, but it also allows for limitless scalability, making it perfect for large-scale projects.
As a renowned AI-backed platform, offers a free beta version that can be accessed through their website. With this software powering their creations, creators can transform their ideas into reality and fully immerse themselves in an exciting and dynamic digital world. As Albert Einstein famously said, "Nothing happens until something moves," and with, the possibilities are limitless.
Use Case
Video generation