AI motion capture tool for character animation.

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Plask's MODIF is an AI-powered motion capture tool designed to simplify the process of animating digital characters. With MODIF, users can create dynamic content by applying their movements to a digital character through recorded or uploaded videos. The platform is user-friendly, requiring only one camera shot to animate a character, and offers various styles, from K-Pop to Animation, through the MODIF Generative AI.
MODIF is available through an SDK and can be utilized across various industries such as healthcare, metaverse, and social media. This tool is ideal for creating demand-driven digital content efficiently. Moreover, Plask offers a free AI drawing tool that can bring users' imagination to life.
Designed with ease of use in mind, the user-friendly interface of MODIF ensures that no technical expertise is required. Plask is an experienced AI provider and can help users navigate the world of AI technology with ease. Add motion to your platform using MODIF and discover how effortless animating digital characters can be.
Use Case
Character creation