Mobel 1.0

AI-powered interior design variations.

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1.0 | AI Tools
Mø is an exceptional AI-powered interior design platform that bridges the gap between users' imagination and reality when it comes to creating an exceptional interior design. With its cutting-edge technology, users can customize their interiors by uploading a picture of their room and defining the required style and type of room they desire. The AI generates a range of high-quality interior designs within seconds, providing users with a detailed insight into how their dream room will look.
Mø also provides users with a personal gallery of ideas, enabling them to explore, discover, and share their creativity. The platform offers eight free variations upon registration, incentivizing users to experience and fully utilize the platform's potential.
Powered by state-of-the-art AI models, Mø ensures that users receive the best possible quality interior designs for their room. Aspiring interior designers and homeowners looking to revamp their living spaces will find this app to be an indispensable tool that transforms their ideas into reality. Mø's user-friendly interface and exceptional features make it a must-have app for all those looking to create an interior design that is truly unique and remarkably stylish.
Use Case
Interior design