Conversational AI for mental health information.

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Mindsum AI is an innovative conversational AI tool that helps users find information on mental health-related topics. The tool is powered by OpenAI and custom-trained models, which allow it to offer personalized responses to users' queries. Through a user-friendly chatbot interface, users can ask Mindsum AI any mental health-related question they may have and receive a tailored response.
While Mindsum AI encourages user feedback to improve its accuracy and safety, it is important to understand that it is not a substitute for professional advice. To ensure users' safety, the website includes a disclaimer stating that in a life-threatening situation, it is best to use emergency services instead of relying on Mindsum AI.
In addition to the chatbot feature, Mindsum AI provides users with other resources. The website features tabs such as Join as a Therapist, Find a Therapist, Resources, and About. By exploring these sections, users and mental health professionals can discover more about the tool's functionality and potential benefits.
Mindsum AI also boasts a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, which offers insight into the tool's inner workings and functionality. Overall, Mindsum AI provides users with a valuable platform to find mental health-related information and resources.
  • https://www.mindsum.app/chatbot?
Use Case
Mental health therapy