AI tool for efficient product requirements gathering.

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Metastory is an AI-powered tool designed to assist product owners with gathering product requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. It utilizes collective intelligence to provide AI-based assistance and streamline the process of gathering requirements. The UI-based documentation eliminates the communication gap between stakeholders, making it easier for users to communicate their requirements.
With JIRA integration, users can import JIRA issues, providing another perspective from which to start their projects. Metastory empowers product owners and managers by offering recommendations and precise locations to pin them on the user interface. Its user-friendly design, intuitive features, and clean interface are an added advantage.
Overall, Metastory is a promising tool for product development teams looking to streamline their requirements gathering process with AI-powered technology. It offers a faster and smarter way of gathering requirements, adding value to any product development team.
Use Case
Product requirements