AI-powered scheduling assistant.

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Mayday is an AI-assisted calendar application that empowers users to maximize their most precious asset - time. Available for iOS, macOS, and iPadOS, this intuitive tool uses AI technology to assess scheduling habits and preferences, and optimizes them over time to recommend ideal event timings. Mayday also provides personalized guidance for meetings, tasks, and flexibility options, ensuring that users stay on top of their scheduling needs.
One of the most notable features of Mayday is its capacity to handle the intricacies of scheduling with others, taking into account everyone's schedules and preferences. With the help of True Availability, the tool can recommend optimal times for group meetings and ensure that scheduling links accurately reflect unique priorities. Additional features such as smart tags, FYI events, buffer time, and time windows help to keep users' calendars organized and efficient.
Mayday offers iOS, iPad, and Mac widgets that provide a quick overview of upcoming events, and synced events ensure that availability is accurately reflected on all relevant calendars. Built with SwiftUI, the platform's developers plan to make it available for Android and Windows soon. All in all, Mayday is a powerful scheduling tool empowered by AI that can help anyone make the most of their time.
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