MagicAI Chatbots

Create AI chatbots without coding skills.

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Magic AI is an innovative tool that enables users to create their own AI chat bot without any coding skills. This powerful tool allows users to upload website content or documents and convert them into chat bots that can answer questions. By doing so, Magic AI offers a convenient solution for teams to consolidate their knowledge into a single place, eliminating the need to repeatedly answer the same questions.
One of the most significant benefits of Magic AI is its ability to enhance team productivity by fostering collaboration and enabling easy document searches. It's an excellent tool for website owners looking to provide their customers with a seamless navigation experience and help them locate the information they need.
Educational institutions and researchers can also benefit from Magic AI by uploading research and related documents and asking questions about them. Magic AI offers different plans suited for individuals, small to medium businesses, and enterprise companies, with features such as the number of chatbot projects, messages, team members, and uploaded characters.
To get started, users can access the tool for free and upgrade as their needs expand. Magic AI prioritizes security by encrypting and storing data with the latest security standards. The tool supports all major languages and file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Starting at $19/mo
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