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Lunabot is an AI-powered writing assistant that's designed to increase productivity for students and writers. The tool can be accessed from any browser and is available in multiple languages. Lunabot offers various features to users, including a ChatGPT prompt assistant that provides suggestions to overcome writer's block and generate new writing ideas.
One of the standout features of Lunabot is its flexibility. Users can activate the tool by selecting any content on a webpage, including summarizing the selected text, translating it to another language, and generating a quiz based on it. The tool also allows users to customize its functionality by creating their own plugins.
Lunabot saves a user's chat history so that they can always refer to previous notes and discussions. The tool is available for free, although users can choose to support its developers by purchasing a premium plan. Premium features include unlimited ChatGPT usage, customized prompts, and not losing chat history.
Lunabot is user-friendly and accessible for writers of all skill levels. The tool can be added to any browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. Whether studying for an exam or developing a piece of writing, Lunabot is an excellent writing assistant resource that can increase productivity and streamline the writing process.
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