Web tool to explore SQL data.

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Loofi is a user-friendly web-based tool that provides easy access to data from a pre-existing database. Created with SQL queries in mind, the tool's UI offers preset queries to help users get started. Users can browse the included database tables, submit queries, and view the SQL output of their queries through the tool's intuitive interface.
Built using create-react-app, a framework used for fast web application development, Loofi comes with a sample database containing tables for items, order items, orders, and users. Tables within the database have fields such as item_id, item_name, price, order_id, user_id, order_date, total_amount, username, email, full_name, date_of_birth, created_at, updated_at, and is_active.
Loofi allows users to use the preset queries to explore their data or write their own queries to find specific information. All requests are read-only to prevent accidental changes to the database.
Ideal for non-technical individuals, Loofi is a helpful tool for those searching for an easy way to view and explore their data. It is especially useful for people already set up with an existing SQL database. Accessible on the web, Loofi is ready for use straight from the Product Hunt website.
  • https://loofi.dev/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
SQL queries