AI-powered contract management tool.

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LinkSquares is an advanced contract management tool powered by AI, designed to improve legal team productivity. It offers a range of customizable templates and dynamic workflows that enable teams to create, review, and approve agreements at a faster pace. With real-time visibility, the software also facilitates seamless execution of contracts.
LinkSquares not only extracts valuable data and reduces legal risk but also provides AI-powered insights into every contract, thereby boosting revenue for the organization. The tool encompasses features that provide centralized access to pre and post-signature contracts and data, coupled with collaboration tools to ensure seamless operations.
The software has built-in scalable workflows for assigning tasks and review, which improves the quality of contract output while saving valuable time. LinkSquares provides a comprehensive solution for pre-signature and post-signature contracting while tracking critical reports and metrics.
LinkSquares is ideal for legal teams of all sizes, including the largest companies. With its AI-powered contract management capabilities, it provides a real understanding of legal documents while addressing pre-signature and post-signature contracting challenges. Overall, LinkSquares is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management tool that efficiently streamlines contract management processes.
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