AI tool for personalized LinkedIn messages.

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LinkoAI is an AI-powered tool designed to optimize LinkedIn outreach for users. This innovative solution allows users to create personalized messages for their specific goals quickly and efficiently. With its user-friendly interface, LinkoAI enables users to input necessary information like LinkedIn profile URLs, sender's name, message type, preferred style, and goals to generate AI-generated messages that stand out in just a few seconds. Additionally, it even adds emojis for an extra touch.
LinkoAI is perfect for LinkedIn creators, salespeople and recruiters looking for an efficient way to grow their follower's list. The application offers a free trial with ten credits and a premium package with 150 credits per month for extensive outreach. Users can also purchase extra credit packs containing 150 additional credits with no expiry, enabling them to maximize their LinkedIn outreach while saving time and increasing response rates.
Overall, LinkoAI is an effective tool designed to help users enhance their LinkedIn outreach with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.
Starting at $9.99/mo
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