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LinklessGPT is a convenient Chrome extension that allows users to obtain link summaries without clicking on the link. This innovative tool connects to the user's own OpenAI key and works seamlessly with Google Chrome. By installing LinklessGPT, users can quickly retrieve information about any link on the internet, without navigating away from the current page.
Unlike other similar tools that require monthly fees, LinklessGPT offers a one-time purchase option, ensuring lifetime access. The extension is user-friendly and suitable for individuals who frequently browse the internet and need to extract information from links efficiently, enhancing productivity and saving time.
Privacy-conscious users will also appreciate that no third-party servers are required to access link summaries. The tool is available for purchase online, and users will receive it via email.
LinklessGPT offers long-term value and convenience, making it an effective and efficient tool for individuals and organizations that want to quickly gain insights and save time.
Starting at $9
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