Linked XP

AI-powered LinkedIn writing assistant.

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Linked XP is an AI-powered micro-app designed to enhance users' experience on LinkedIn. With its personalized writing tips and rewriting features, Linked XP assists users in avoiding API rate limits and navigating the platform with confidence and etiquette. Created by Mighil, Linked XP is available for free and is part of a suite of micro-apps that includes Gen Z Translator, Welma, Begone Spammer, and This Product Does Not Exist. These micro-apps are accessible through a single login and are connected to Studio M64, which can be found on email, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
With Linked XP, users can announce new job opportunities, offer congratulations, and politely decline invitations. The app's AI-assisted features provide users with clarity and precision when writing posts. This elevates their overall experience on LinkedIn and improves their professional communication skills.
Linked XP's user interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. This makes it easy for users to navigate the app and take full advantage of its features. Available for free, Linked XP is a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn experience and improve their professional communication skills.
Use Case
Linkedin posts