Lighthouse Internet Guardian

AI-powered app for child protection

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Lighthouse is an innovative child protection app designed to help parents safeguard their children from inappropriate content online. Powered by AI technology, it analyzes images in real-time, blocking any offensive adult content before it reaches the child's device.
Lighthouse provides a range of features that allow parents to take control over their children's internet access. They can link up to 5 devices and customize the guidelines for each child. The app lets parents grant children access to requested sites and control their internet usage through custom time and date scheduling.
Detailed reports are provided in real-time, enabling parents to monitor their child's online activities proactively. In case of any flagged content that the child tries to access, parents receive in-app alerts. Lighthouse also lets kids request access to blocked websites, which parents can approve or deny instantly via the app. The app prioritizes user privacy and complies with strict data protection protocols.
Lighthouse is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, offering conditional pricing options for parents. A 7-day free trial is available, after which they can choose from monthly or yearly billing.
Overall, Lighthouse delivers an effective protection solution, allowing parents to rest easy knowing their kids are safe while exploring the internet.
Starting at $5/mo
Use Case
Online child protection