AI tool for personalized physical letters.

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Lettergram is a novel AI tool that facilitates personalized communication between individuals through physical letters. This innovative tool works by matching users with a pen pal, who they correspond with by sending and receiving physical letters.
Lettergram goes beyond the norm by offering a variety of pen pal options, including personas such as a Southern Civil War Soldier, a World War I Soldier, and a Moon colonist, or an opportunity to generate letters with Santa or select a life coach option. Users can select their preferred pen pal and choose from different plans i.e., casual, avid and enthusiastic, each with varying letter frequencies and page limits. Lettergram values user flexibility and allows users to amend or cancel their plan at any time. The service is available daily as a monthly or annual subscription basis, with discounted rates for annual plans.
Lettergram ensures user privacy and security by keeping personal information confidential. The tool offers a user-friendly experience, with personalized relationships and nostalgia being at the hub of its services.
Upon signing up for this innovative tool, users receive their first letter in just 5-14 days. In summary, Lettergram represents a groundbreaking solution to connect through personalized, physical correspondence.
  • https://lettergram.net/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Personalized letters