AI lease abstraction software.

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LeaseLens is an innovative, free software that utilizes artificial intelligence to quickly abstract data points from real estate or commercial lease documents. This unique technology automates the process, providing an abstract in a matter of minutes, compared to traditional methods that can take hours or even days.
By training its machine learning model on thousands of lease agreements, LeaseLens provides users with accurate data points, including critical dates, renewal options, square footage, and title. The platform enables users to upload their lease documents, extract the relevant information instantly, and access the abstracted provisions for free. For a fee of $25, users can also export the results to Excel or Word.
LeaseLens is ideal for property management companies for real estate lease extraction and equipment leasing firms for commercial lease abstraction. The website assures users that their data is secure and that leases are deleted after abstraction.
LeaseLens boasts an impressive clientele, including more than 50% of AmLaw 100 firms, highlighting the platform's exceptional quality and reliability. The FAQ section on the site provides users with information about the types of leases that can be abstracted, the benefits of AI, and how LeaseLens operates.
While the platform currently only allows for the abstraction of one lease at a time, the company is looking at building multiple lease abstraction functionality. Overall, LeaseLens streamlines lease abstraction and saves users valuable time and money.
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