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Kuart is a cutting-edge AI tool that enables users to create custom QR codes with ease. With a range of imaginative templates to choose from, including Food Market, Cyborg, and Anime Girl, Kuart provides an innovative and user-friendly solution for generating QR codes quickly and efficiently.
Users can also send their generated QR codes to designated email addresses with ease. However, it's worth noting that Kuart requires an internet connection to function correctly, as stated in the text" Node must be connected to a network."
The app features a history tab that displays a record of users' QR code creation activities. While the tool is still relatively new, the history tab remains empty, indicating that no activity has taken place yet.
Overall, Kuart provides a convenient and accessible way of creating custom QR codes, with its user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates. It also allows users to track their past activities and share created QR codes via email. However, the app requires a reliable internet connection to function effectively.
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