AI-powered app for noise-cancelling calls.

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Krisp is a cutting-edge app that employs AI-powered noise-canceling to enhance the quality of online meetings and calls. The app efficiently eliminates background noises, such as echoes and distractions, to provide users with an uninterrupted conversation experience.
Krisp also offers ROI-driven features such as talk time insights, call summaries, and meeting engagement. Trusted by top global brands, the app is compatible with both Windows and Mac, making it convenient to use with simply one click.
Moreover, the app ensures the privacy and security of users by encrypting all data and not collecting any audio data. Additionally, a new feature, "background voice cancellation," has been added to the app, which eradicates voices of people near you for an even more seamless communication experience.
Finally, the app offers post-call analytics to facilitate users in reflecting and assessing the effectiveness of their online meetings and calls. Krisp's easy-to-use interface can be found on the product's website, making it accessible to everyone.
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