AI-powered internal search engine for teams.

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Klu is an AI-powered internal search engine that empowers business teams to quickly locate information across various cloud-based applications. With the ability to connect and search through different apps seamlessly, users can easily organize and access their data and documents. Klu leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to scan and search through files, messages, and conversations, making it an efficient tool for finding essential information.
Its intuitive design and advanced search functionality have improved teamwork and productivity for users. With Klu, teams can collaborate more effectively by finding relevant information faster and more efficiently.
Klu ensures the security and privacy of all data by encrypting data in transit and at rest. Moreover, all integrations connected to Klu are only visible to the user, and disconnecting an app immediately removes any associated data. Klu's features and benefits have received positive reviews from users who have praised its ability to enhance their productivity and streamline information retrieval.
The tool is currently in public beta and is funded by Antler VC. Klu is available as a Google Chrome extension and can be downloaded on MacIntel Processor and Apple Silicon devices.
Free + Starting at $4/mo
  • https://klu.so/?ref=spottheai
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