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Add context to AI prompts

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Just Prompts is a software tool developed by @NickFloats and @SanxRoz to enhance the quality of user-generated prompts. The tool's Additive Prompting feature promotes accuracy and meaning of AI-generated outputs, enabling users to include more context and nuance to their inputs. To use the tool, users need to obtain an API key from the OpenAI platform's account page.
The Additive Prompting feature employs an advanced approach to prompt creation, allowing users to generate a diverse range of outputs from AI models. While the tool does not explicitly state which AI models it supports, the API key requirement suggests that it is most likely optimized for models provided by OpenAI.
Ultimately, Just Prompts provides users with more control over the quality and accuracy of AI-generated outputs. By creating more complex and nuanced prompts, users can generate more meaningful outputs and better leverage the potential of AI. Just Prompts offers a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their prompts.
  • https://just-prompt.vercel.app/?ref=spottheai
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