Jurny 5.0(15)

AI-powered Property Management System for short-term rentals.

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5.0(15) | AI Tools
Jurny is an innovative Property Management System (PMS) that leverages AI and automation to revolutionize the short-term rental industry. With Jurny, property owners can efficiently manage multiple properties through a single, all-in-one dashboard. The system's advanced AI virtual assistant, Nia, helps automate guest communication, review management, and content creation, freeing up time for property owners to focus on more critical aspects of management.
Jurny also provides a mobile guest app that empowers guests with full control over their stay, providing features such as smart locks and thermostats. An IoT Hub enables users to integrate with third-party providers quickly. Jurny's pricing plans are highly customizable. The basic plan, which is entirely free, provides access to the PMS, Airbnb Connect, guest mobile app, and Nia AI. The plus plan, starting at $29 per month, brings additional capabilities like channel management and a website booking engine. The pro plan, starting at $69 per month, enhances property management with advanced features such as a review tracker, dynamic pricing, and cleaning management. For users with more than ten apartments, Jurny offers a customizable enterprise plan.
By providing an all-in-one solution to short-term rental management, Jurny streamlines the rental management process, eliminating the need for owners to spend hours researching and integrating with different providers. With its state-of-the-art AI and automation technology, Jurny offers a convenient and user-friendly system for short-term property owners to manage their rentals more efficiently.
Free + Starting at $29/mo
  • https://www.jurny.com/?ref=spottheai
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