AI-based personalized travel itinerary generator.

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JOURNEAI is an innovative travel planning app that leverages the power of AI to generate personalized itineraries in a matter of seconds. Through a chat-based interface, JOURNEAI considers the user's preferences, such as adventure activities, shopping destinations, or family-friendly attractions, and creates tailored travel plans for any destination.
With intuitive navigation, users can move seamlessly through the itinerary using arrow keys and zoom options, and easily jump between different directions at a 75% scale. JOURNEAI incorporates data from OpenAI and Google Map, ensuring the recommendations are up-to-date and reliable. The app is free to use and open to all, but donations and partnerships are encouraged to help sustain and improve the service.
Furthermore, JOURNEAI brings social connectivity to the travel experience by enabling users to easily share their trip plans on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The app makes travel planning a breeze and encourages exploration, making it an ideal tool for vacationers and adventurers seeking personalized recommendations. Experience it yourself and discover new horizons with JOUNREAI - available now on multiple platforms.
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