AI writing assistant with plagiarism checker

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Jenni is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to improve writing speed and accuracy. With a range of features including AI autocomplete, in-text citations, and paraphrasing capabilities, Jenni can assist with writing a variety of content including blogs, essays, speeches, personal statements, and emails. It's loved by writers from leading institutions such as Google, Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, and Aston University.
Jenni uses a combination of AI technologies such as OpenAI and AI21 along with custom data from each user to generate high-quality and original content. Users can also benefit from the built-in plagiarism checker to ensure the accuracy and originality of their writing.
Jenni is available in any language and provides a useful resource for generating reports and captions with creativity and accuracy. Users can experience the most advanced AI writing assistant for free and begin writing more efficiently and effectively today. With a user-friendly interface, Jenni is designed to enhance the writing experience and has already garnered a positive reputation among its dedicated users.
Starting at $12/mo
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