AI debugging assistant for developers.

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Jam is an AI-powered debugging assistant that streamlines the bug-fixing process for developers. This free Chrome extension offers integrated diagnosis and code fix suggestions to help users improve productivity and efficiency. Currently, Jam has over 25,000 users, and its adaptive AI model continues to learn and refine its diagnostic approach based on user queries and machine learning algorithms.
Jam enables developers to maintain secure code review and privacy throughout the debugging process, while also providing personalized solutions for specific bug fixes. For example, it can suggest adding a unique key prop for a React element or modifying queries to request user-specific data with the provided ID.
Jam extracts various user data, such as browser/OS info, console logs, user actions, network logs, and Github repos, and leverages this information to provide AI-driven assistance. Moreover, the tool enhances cross-team collaboration, ensuring that team members can interact with an AI and monitor progress towards the intended outcome.
Overall, Jam empowers developers to debug quickly by offering personalized, data-driven solutions and AI-driven assistance. As the AI model continues to learn, it improves and refines the diagnostic approach, resulting in more accurate and efficient suggestions that save developers time and enhance their overall debugging experience.
  • https://jam.dev/jamgpt?
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