AI-powered writing assistant for iOS.

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Ink is an AI-powered writing assistant available on the App Store for iOS devices. The app is designed to support individuals who want to create engaging and accurate content across various categories. Ink's Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of generating text for over 50 modes and categories, including business, copywriting, marketing, SMM, advertising, replies, and more. Moreover, the Chat feature allows users to generate text beyond the predefined categories.
Ink is ideal for students, professional writers, and anyone who is looking to improve their writing skills. Its intuitive interface enables users to quickly generate content while also providing features like spelling, paraphrasing, summarizing, and correction. Furthermore, the app supports the latest iOS15 update and is also available for iPad. It also allows users to make in-app purchases to access additional features.
The app's developer, Siarhei Karabyin, has emphasized the importance of privacy and informed users that the app's privacy practices conform to industry standards. The app's privacy policy details how it handles user data. In summary, Ink is a versatile writing assistant that leverages AI-powered technology to make writing accurate and engaging content more accessible to all.
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