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Holly is a virtual recruiter powered by AI that streamlines talent acquisition processes for businesses. This cutting-edge tool automates the candidate vetting process, engages with candidates on behalf of the recruiter, and learns from feedback to continuously improve candidate outreach. The process begins when the recruiter provides a job description and answers questions, after which Holly creates a prospect list comprising of vetted candidates on a weekly basis. Before initiating outreach to candidates through integrations such as LinkedIn and Slack, Holly seeks approvals from the recruiter for the prospect list.
With training on hundreds of open roles and the vetting of thousands of candidates, Holly understands the requirements of highly technical positions. By preventing spam and fake profiles, Holly provides an intuitive solution that mimics the working of a human recruiter, enabling recruiters to focus on the critical aspects of the hiring process. The tool learns from feedback, continuously improving the candidate outreach, while ensuring future prospects are an even better fit for the job requirements.
Furthermore, as an affordable solution, Holly significantly reduces time and effort required in the recruitment process, making it a must-have tool for companies in search of top-quality talent. It delivers quality candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional talent acquisition processes. Overall, Holly presents an effective and efficient approach to talent acquisition, streamlining and upgrading such crucial HR systems by the integration of artificial intelligence.
  • https://www.hollyhires.ai/?ref=spottheai
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