AI-powered personalized health assistant app.

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Hoku is an innovative health assistant powered by AI technology, designed to provide personalized health recommendations and support to users on-the-go. The app offers its services for free and is currently available as a private alpha. Hoku's wide range of features includes generating meal plans, suggesting workout routines, and providing instant health advice tailored to the user's health profile.
In addition to these features, Hoku also allows users to create custom health plans based on their unique health goals. This level of customization helps users to stay motivated and committed to their health regime. Hoku also provides coaching and motivation to users, offering various tone options to choose from.
For users who want to get a comprehensive view of their health data, Hoku connects to services like Apple Health, Android Health Connect, and others. This centralized information allows Hoku to provide smart insights to users, making it easier for them to stay healthy.
Regarding privacy and security, Hoku promises to keep user data safe and private. It guarantees never to sell user data to third parties. Hoku is currently inviting alpha-test users to try out the app before its public launch, scheduled for June 2023.
Overall, Hoku is an exceptional platform that simplifies the process of staying healthy by providing personalized health support unique to each user's health profile.
  • https://www.heyhoku.com/?ref=spottheai
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