Customizable ChatGPT add-on for websites

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Helper-AI is an AI tool that provides instant access to ChatGPT on any website. This groundbreaking tool operates under an open-source code system that allows users to download, modify, redistribute, or resell the code as they see fit. Helper-AI provides endless opportunities for customization to the user, ensuring that they have complete control over the product and its features. As reported by its founder, the tool has generated $400+ in just five days by selling the source code alone.
The tool also includes a biweekly newsletter that offers users product ideas with income proof. This newsletter provides innovative and creative inspiration to users, making it easier to develop their product and discover new opportunities for generating income.
Helper-AI's website uses cookies from Google for delivering its services and analyzing traffic. When using the site, users are required to agree to its use of cookies. The tool offers support to users through its dedicated email address [email protected] to provide an open line of communication for any doubts, questions, feedback, or suggestions.
Overall, Helper-AI offers an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to integrate ChatGPT instant access features into their website. By providing users with complete ownership of the source code to modify as per their requirements, as well as support from the founder and regular newsletter updates, Helper-AI represents a unique and valuable investment in the AI industry.
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ChatGPT for websites