Habit Driven

AI-powered habit-building and goal-tracking.

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Habit Driven is a mobile app designed to help users build and track their habits with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). With a user-friendly interface, users can input and access information through text or voice commands, allowing for a personalized experience. The app's AI-powered habit analysis offers real-time insights and recommendations based on personal progress, enabling users to make adjustments and monitor their achievements effectively.
Habit tracking methods can be configured based on individual preferences, allowing users to track reading goals with options such as yes/no, time spent per day, pages read per day, and satisfaction score. The app's AI capabilities enable users to transform their data into easy-to-understand reports and summaries, providing valuable insights on their progress.
Founded by Mike Jalonen, Habit Driven offers curated content from world-class experts and access to a library of resources inspired by Mike's two decades of experience in building successful software companies. The app aims to help users join the self-development mission by providing a platform to achieve a better life through healthier and wealthier habits.
One of the features that sets Habit Driven apart from other habit-tracking apps is its direct access to experts through the AI coach feature. This real-time expert guidance helps users customize their coaching experience and reach their goals efficiently.
Overall, Habit Driven offers superior personalized features, a collaborative platform, and expert guidance to help users build and track their habits. The app's AI capabilities transform data into meaningful insights and reports that allow users to monitor their progress effectively and make positive changes for a better life.
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