Greip 5.0

AI-powered fraud prevention tool for apps

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5.0 | AI Tools
Greip is an advanced fraud prevention tool specifically designed for developers to ensure their apps' financial security. Powered by AI, this innovative tool uses machine learning modules to validate each transaction in an app and measure the likelihood of fraudulent activity. Greip's unique IP geolocation feature provides an enhanced user experience by adapting website content to visitor location and language.
One of the key benefits of Greip is its ability to detect and protect against anonymous visitors and prevent the use of VPN or proxy services for fraudulent activities. Additionally, the tool offers a range of features such as BIN/IIN validation, user data validation, and country API, which provides complete information about any country in the world.
To meet the varied needs of developers, Greip offers several plans, including Free, Standard, Premium, and Pay-as-you-go. The tool is trusted by hundreds of businesses worldwide and is one of the projects of GRE DEVELOPMENT LTD, a registered company in England and Wales.
Greip offers developers a range of resources such as documentation and support and is available in various formats such as SDKs, packages, and CLI. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, Greip is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal to safeguard your app's financial security.
Starting at $14.99/mo
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