Grain AI

Automated summaries for customer meetings.

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Grain AI is an innovative software tool that streamlines the process of customer meeting summaries for business teams. It automates the summarization process, providing an intuitive snapshot of key moments and insights from customer meetings. Grain AI enables users to quickly capture, recall, clip, and share important meeting details. The software helps businesses save time on transcribing, analyzing, and extracting data from customer meetings. With Grain AI, teams can jump to key moments and get the insights they need in seconds.
The tool offers a knowledge library that allows users to search through transcripts and share short clips of important ideas. It also facilitates team communication by allowing users to quickly share feedback and insights with relevant teams through messaging apps like Slack and Notion. By bringing the voice of the customer into every decision, Grain AI helps businesses make customer-centric decisions with ease. With a user-friendly interface, Grain AI is the perfect solution for businesses that need to extract insights from customer meetings quickly.
Starting at $18.99/mo
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Meeting summaries