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AI healthcare content generation tool.

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Description is an AI-powered content generation tool designed to simplify and accelerate the writing process for healthcare and medical writers. The platform uses trusted sources like scientific journals, PubMed, and MedlinePlus to create high-quality long-form content in just a matter of minutes. By leveraging existing writing and uploaded content from certified healthcare databases, Grafi AI produces fresh, original content that is tailored to the needs of individual users and is search engine optimized.'s four-step process includes drafting a headline or title for the content, adding URLs or uploading PDFs of existing material, structuring the outline, editing, and exporting it. The platform's AI/ML algorithms aid in the creation of an outline by suggesting ideas based on the draft headline, which the writer can then add or remove content to as required. streamlines the content creation process, allowing writers to focus on producing high-quality content instead of researching facts. caters to a diverse audience, including freelance healthcare writers and in-house marketers requiring credible and significant content relevant to their industry. The tool is designed to reduce the burden of validating information and improve research efficiency, enabling writers to train the AI/ML algorithm from their research data, ensuring customized and personalized content generation. is an adaptable and personalized content generation tool. It allows healthcare writers to focus on producing engaging and informative content while keeping pace with the latest developments in the field.
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