AI text detection for educators

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GPTZero is a powerful AI detection tool that caters to educators and others interested in identifying AI-generated texts. With over a million users, the tool's reliability is widespread and has been featured in significant news outlets such as CNN, BBC, and The New York Times.
This innovative tool has a unique plagiarism score feature that provides users with a comprehensive score determining the amount of AI-generated content in a document. The tool also highlights individual sentences that are AI-generated, making it easy for users to identify them. Batch uploads enable users to check multiple files simultaneously, facilitating the assessment of an entire classroom's work.
GPTZero's powerful API allows for seamless integration into an organization's systems, with customization of endpoints to suit clients' needs. Access to the API's documentation is available via the website, assuring ease of use for every user.
The tool's reliability and efficacy have gained popularity among education institutions worldwide, including NYU and Purdue. The GPTZero team's goal is to enhance the tool continually for educators, partnering with organizations such as K16 Solutions and Canvas to ensure constant updates and improvements.
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