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GPT95 is a powerful VSCode extension that leverages ChatGPT AI technology to enhance the coding experience. This innovative tool not only generates code but also debugs and refactors it, resulting in improved quality, readability, and performance. The extension's user-friendly interface, inspired by Windows95, adds a touch of nostalgia while providing a seamless coding environment.
How does GPT95 work? It generates code by processing prompts through ChatGPT AI, contextualizing them and producing optimized code. This AI-powered system can identify and rectify errors and performance bottlenecks, resulting in more efficient and faster code generation. Additionally, GPT95 simplifies code comprehension by providing natural language explanations, and it can quickly generate documentation to save time.
Two pricing plans are available: monthly and yearly, with discounted options for both students and developers. For advanced users, the extension integrates a Fine-tuned GPT3 Code Model, further enhancing its capabilities. Unsure if this extension is for you? A free three-day trial is available, with no risk or obligation.
Moreover, user privacy is a top priority, as GPT95 ensures that user codes remain secure and private, never shared with others or employed for AI model training. Users may cancel their subscription at any time, and the GPT95 team has a roadmap of planned updates and IDE integrations to look forward to.
In conclusion, GPT95 may change how we code by introducing cutting-edge AI technology to generate faster, more efficient, and better-quality code.
Starting at $2/mo
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