Easy web apps for data science

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Streamlit is a leading-edge web application framework designed to streamline the process of creating and deploying data science and machine learning applications. Its user-friendly interface enables data scientists to build robust, data-rich apps, without expertise in web development. With Streamlit, developers can painlessly convert their Python scripts into interactive and shareable web applications in real-time, greatly simplifying the development process.
Featuring a flexible, intuitive interface, Streamlit offers built-in widgets, visualisations, and APIs, enabling data scientists to easily interact with their data. It provides a cloud-based platform that allows for easily hosting applications without the need for server set up. Streamlit’s collaboration features enable multiple users to work on the same app simultaneously, making it ideal for remote teams.
Data exploration, prototyping, and building proof-of-concepts for machine learning models become effortless with Streamlit. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with popular data science and AI libraries in Python, providing a versatile and powerful tool.
In summary, Streamlit is an open-source web application framework that simplifies the process of creating and deploying data science and machine learning apps. It is ideal for data scientists looking to create and share interactive, real-time applications, without the need for web development expertise.
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