GPT for Slides

AI tool for quick slide creation.

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GPT for Slides is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to simplify the process of creating stunning presentation slides. This user-friendly Google Slides add-on can be set up in just eight minutes, with no cost or special knowledge required. All users need is a Google account and an OpenAI account, and they're ready to start creating.
Users simply enter a topic and desired slide count, and GPT for Slides generates a presentation slideshow that summarizes the subject matter. This whole process takes less than a minute, saving users valuable time and effort while still producing a professional result.
Whether presenting to clients or colleagues, GPT for Slides enables users to create visually appealing presentations that capture the essence of their topic. Say goodbye to tedious research and laborious slide creation – with GPT for Slides, presenting information has never been easier.
Use Case
Presentation slides