Golden Chat

AI-powered toolkit for creators and copywriters.

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Golden Chat is a versatile AI-powered toolkit designed to cater to creators, copywriters, and anyone who requires assistance with generating text. The innovative toolkit offers a range of features including a Human Rewriter tool, which makes AI-generated text more human-like, and a Copy Writing tool that generates original and unique copy.
Available at different pricing tiers, catering to everyone from free to premium, it provides plenty of options in terms of credits, words, letters, as well as minutes and hours saved. It offers an affordable alternative to hiring a copywriter without compromising on the quality of the text produced.
The Human Rewriter feature is incredibly easy to use with 99.9% uptime, ensuring privacy and security. Golden Chat's reliability and privacy make it an ideal choice for creators and copywriters who need an AI-powered toolkit that they can trust.
Starting at $10/mo
Use Case
Content generation