AI tool for organizing web highlights

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Glasp is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of highlighting and organizing quotes, ideas, and thoughts from the web. With Glasp, users can effortlessly capture and store these critical snippets, connect with other users, and access their learning. This innovative tool also allows users to curate their highlights and create their own AI models, which can be utilized for writing or exported to note-taking applications. Moreover, Glasp's "Wall of Love" feature enables users to share their highlights, notes, and resources with their community and friends.
By leveraging Glasp's technology, users can easily refer to important parts of articles and discover fascinating content from others' highlights. This promotes a more organized, productive, and creative lifestyle. Glasp's interface is user-friendly and accessible on various platforms. The app empowers people to become more efficient, focused, and reflective in their work and daily lives.
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