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Gimme Summary AI is a Chrome extension that offers a free and easy-to-use solution for summarizing articles from any website using ChatGPT AI. The extension installs quickly and operates smoothly on all Chromium-based browsers without any additional steps required. It is completely free and privacy-friendly, with no user data collection. Instructions are also available for using it on Brave browser.
To generate summaries, Gimme Summary AI sends only the article text to the AI model,, which employs a neural network trained on a vast amount of text data to produce outputs that mimic human writing. This ensures accurate and reliable summaries that capture the essential points of an article.
The extension has been developed by Gourav and the source code is accessible on GitHub for feedback, reporting bugs, and asking questions. Gimme Summary AI is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to efficiently interpret and comprehend large amounts of text.
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