AI-powered gesture recognition for customer feedback.

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Gestualy is an advanced AI-powered gesture recognition system that allows businesses to gather valuable customer feedback without the need for time-consuming surveys. With the ability to detect over 500 different gestures that express various emotions, Gestualy utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning technology to accurately measure customer satisfaction in mere seconds.
The system is incredibly easy to use, requiring no need to touch any screens. Businesses can receive feedback immediately via email or through the control panel, enabling quick and efficient decision-making. Gestualy is designed to work with any computer that has a webcam and internet connection, and is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms.
Gestualy is an ideal solution for businesses looking to obtain accurate and useful data about their customers in an efficient and contactless manner. With real-time alerts for when something goes wrong, the system can help businesses address issues before they escalate, improving the overall customer experience. Businesses that use Gestualy will benefit from the insights provided by this innovative technology, helping them to tailor their products and services to meet their customers' needs and expectations.
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