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Frequently Ai is an AI-powered platform that offers Amazon sellers timely and accurate answers to commonly asked questions related to the marketplace. The platform's focal point is its chatbot, FAiQ, which applies advanced algorithms and machine learning models to provide users with expert responses to their queries. With the platform currently in beta, its training models are constantly updated to offer an optimal user experience.
FAiQ answers a broad range of questions concerning Amazon selling, such as product variation, ads, reviews, and transitioning from FBM to FBA. To supply responses, it utilizes two models, GPT4 for more complicated queries that may take longer to respond, and GPT3.5 for more straightforward ones that are quicker. Frequently Ai sources its AI-bot's knowledge, experiences, articles, videos, and data points from a network of trusted team members and affiliates.
Frequently Ai claims to combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with over 30 years of human expertise to deliver exceptional insights into operations, marketing, strategy, and customer service for businesses to compete effectively on the Amazon Marketplace. With the platform's unwavering commitment to providing users with ongoing updates and improvements, it promises the best possible outcomes for every business that uses its services.
It is worth noting that the information provided on the Frequently Ai website is for general informational purposes only, and the website's operators make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any data found on the site.
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